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Born and raised in Georgia, Sye Williams began his career in fashion photography, a natural draw for a camera-toting youngin eager to leave his southern roots behind him. From Miami to New York, Williams jumped on board with such renowned photographers as Arthur Elgort, Peter Lindberg, Steven Miesel, and Herb Ritts. The focus of his career took a dramatic shift after a trip home found him following his love for the fighting ring to the foothills of Appalachia, where he became consumed with a group of young wrestlers. Williams quickly won the respect of these fellow fighters, which ultimately allowed him to capture something beyond those immediate circumstances–the fighting spirit of humans.

It was his photographic portrayal of their story that paved the path for Williams to continue to “train his lens on the underbelly of American subcultures.” Ever since, he has focused on society’s marginalized, the underclass and outcast. Whether it be MMA fighters or Alaskan truckers, female inmates or taxi dancers, Sye Williams has made it his mission to connect with the “fight” in all of us. Rather than depict pity and defeat, he opts for defiance and dignity.

Williams has chronicled the full parade of humanity for such publications as The Advocate, Mother Jones, Colors, Maxim, OjodePez and Outside. He has also shot numerous celebrities and professional athletes, including portraits for Wired, Elle, ESPN Magazine, Esquire, GQ, Interview, Vanity Fair and Vibe.

Sye Williams is currently fighting out of Los Angeles.